[lobo_tslider type=”one”] [lobo_tslider_slide title=”Tomatico (Amir Naziri)” subtitle=”Founder,Award wining Architect ,3d Generalist , Graphic designer , illustrator
For now xinovis is one man studio and everything handled by me :)” image=””] [lobo_social twitter=”” facebook=”” behance=”Http://” pinterest=”#” gplus=”#” instagram=””] [/lobo_tslider_slide] [lobo_tslider_slide title=”Amir Naziri” subtitle=”Amir start everything when he was studying architecture , in mean time he worked for several companies and construction engineering offices but after 3 years he found xino and start working for his own in studio. He always making project pipeline and make sure we have the latest update of all software and plugins, when he don’t work in studio you will find him in kart races or maybe while playing flamenco guitar. this whole xino website design done by his struggle” ] [/lobo_tslider_slide] [/lobo_tslider]


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